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Type d'activité

  • Distillerie


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La gamme proposée

  • Organic Single Malt Séquoia Whisky
  • Organic Peated Single Malt Séquoia Whisky
  • Organic "Cuvée Polo" Peated Single Malt Séquoia Whisky
  • Organic "Je Dessine Liquide" Single Malt Séquoia WhiskyBio
  • Organic "ZINC" Single Malt Séquoia Whisky
  • Organic "Signature" Single Malt Séquoia Whisky
  • Organic "Tourbé Réserve" Peated Single Malt Séquoia Whisky
  • Organic "10.23" Single Malt Séquoia Whisky

Infos du distillateur

The Vercors Distillery is located in the "Domaine De Flandaine", an ancient silkworm farm. This beautiful place became 10 years ago, the cradle of Single Malt Whisky named "Séquoia". The name was chosen in tribute to the huge bicentenary tree who sits in the middle of the courtyard.

We distill an organic whisky, organic since the beginning in 2016. We made our own beer with barley and our spring water. Then come the distillation and the aging in nice wooden barrels. Eric, the Master Distiller, created his own Wash Still, named "Nautilus". Launched in 2016, Nautilus is designed to distill at low temperature, 50°C instead of the usual 100°C for distillation. This technical process and the gentle atmosphere of the countryside make Séquoia an exceptional whisky, multi-awarded in international competitions.

All steps are doing on place : Séquoia Whisky are brewed, distilled, aged and bottled by the Distillerie du Vercors.


Whiskies and guided tour : check prices on our website distillerie-vercors.com

Visite & dégustation

You can stop just to find out or go a little further with joing a guided tour in English, see the stills, smell the flagrances of the grain and stroke our special "white bear". Remember to book in advance !

Guided tour in English on request.


The Vercors Distillery is open from Wednesday to Friday, from 9:30am to 12:00pm and from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.
From May 4th : opening from Tuesday to Friday, from 9:30am to 12:00pm and from 2:00pm to 6:00pm and on Saturday morning from 9:30am to 12:00pm
Closed on bank holidays.

Où nous trouver

Nestled in the heart of the green Royans valley, in the Vercors Regional Natural Park, the Vercors Distillery is located at 30 minutes from Valence-TGV, 50min from Grenoble and 1:30 from Lyon.

Actus de la distillerie


Whisky named ZINC, a special Séquoia Whisky

Numbered bottle, only available on site at the distillery: bottled & labeled in front of you. Ideally, bring your empty bottle for responsible restocking. Old Port and Cognac barrels.


3 new Séquoia Whiskies at the Vercors Distillery

The bottle has grown to 70cl, the design has changed, names and recipes have evolved: this is the arrival of 3 new Séquoia whiskies, celebrating years of refining and exploration.


Grand Gold Medal for the Signature Séquoia Whisky

New recipe, new award ! Very happy to have obtained this year and for the 2nd time the Grand Gold Medal 2023 at the Spirits Selection of the "Concours mondial" in Brussels.



Fédération du Whisky de France : gardienne et promotrice du whisky français, de sa création à sa perfection.

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