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Type d'activité

  • Distillerie


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La gamme proposée

  • THE TIMELESS, the core expressions.
  • EPISTÉMÈ, the exploratory range.

Infos du distillateur

In the heart of the French Alps, between the cliffs of Vercors and the peaks of Écrins National Park, in this “haut pays” surrounded by the Trièves mountains, sits the world’s oldest organic whisky farm & distillery: Les Hautes Glaces.
It is above all about a return to the land. Les Hautes Glaces was born out of a sense that something had been lost and needed to be restored – while grain is undoubtedly the starting point for this exceptional spirit, the whisky industry seems to be so focused on the optimisation of its production processes that it has lost sight of its agricultural roots and forgotten its connection with the land. It is Frédric, founder and CEO of Les Hautes Glaces, believe that therein lies the magic of spirits (literally “purveyors of a spirit”): they have the power to convey the genius of the place, to elevate the humble grain, and, as a result of our senses and emotions, to give us a direct and intimate path to reconnect with the natural world.
That was the background to the creation of Les Hautes Glaces in 2009. With a desire to explore the sensitivity of our terroir to the changing seasons and aware of pursuing unexplored paths, we reinterpret skills and adopt new practices from field to bottle in order to create whisky that showcases the very essence of a rich and vibrant land.
Based on four elements – grain, water, yeast and energy – The Hautes Glaces wants their spirits to transport us to the centre of a vast landscape and to the very heart of the environmental and social challenges we must face.
Here, the ecological approach and the pursuit of flavour are one and the same: to make the finest whiskys with the fewest resources possible.

Visite & dégustation

Come to the Domaine to immerse yourself in the world of Hautes Glaces and discover the secrets behind the production of their spirits. From their agro-ecological vision and farming practices to the art of distillation and ageing, together you will go through each of the stages that make their products exceptional spirits.


By prior arrangement, they can organise private tours for small groups, families or friends. For more than 2 hours, you will walk around the site together, taking time for the essentials, anecdotes and details. You'll then get a taste of their work through a guided tasting of some of their spirits.
PRICE : 150 EUROS (8 people max.)By reservation only (by phone or email). Date and time to be defined together according to your availability. Tours can be organised for larger groups (clubs, works councils, etc.): please contact them.


Take advantage of their group visit slots for a first immersion (allow 1h to 1h30). Group size is limited (20 people max), so be sure to let them know and book in advance.
At your convenience, the tour can be extended in the cellar with a guided tasting.
PRICE: 10 EUROS / PERSON (free for children aged 16 and under)
-> Low Season (October - April) : SATURDAY only
Tours depart at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm
-> High Season (May - Sept): WEDNESDAY to SATURDAY
Tours depart at 10.30am / 4.30pm


The Hautes Glaces welcome you to their cellar from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm.. An opportunity to make initial contact and taste their spirits. You can also simply relax and sip a syrup or cocktail in the shade of their hundred-year-old trees in summer, or by the fire in winter.


Fédération du Whisky de France : gardienne et promotrice du whisky français, de sa création à sa perfection.

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