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  • Distillerie


La gamme proposée

  • Artesia

Infos du distillateur

Heir to the brewing expertise acquired over the last 20 years by its founders, TOS Distillerie is a spirits company based in the Hauts de France region, created in 2017. The traditional know-how mastered by our distiller gives our products quality and authenticity. Favouring local sourcing, our artisanal manufacturing method allows a limited production.

TOS has always wanted to make whisky, which is why in November 2017 the first distillation of Artesia whisky took place, which saw the light of day 3 years later. Our range now consists of 5 whiskies, single malt, malted barley and rye, aged in bourbon, port or even sherry casks!


26 route d'Arras, 62160 Aix-Noulette


Artesia, first whisky of Pas-de-Calais

Stéphane Bogaert & Katy Gravina

The founders of TOS Distillerie (Stéphane Bogaert, Katy Gravina, Hervé Descamps, Vincent Bogaert)

Whisky Artesia

Katy Gravina - our distiller

Whisky Artesia

Katy Gravina - our distiller


Fédération du Whisky de France : gardienne et promotrice du whisky français, de sa création à sa perfection.

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